5 Types of Prefab Steel Structures

5 Types of Prefab Steel Structures

What are the different types of prefab steel structures?

  1. Warehouse
  2. Dormitories and Barracks
  3. Guard House
  4. Emergency shelter
  5. Food Kiosk


Prefab steel structures in the Philippines are meeting the demand for efficient and adaptable spaces. They are not limited to warehouses but have diversified, offering businesses a range of tailored options.
Prefabricated structures enhance emergency shelters, ensuring rapid deployment during disasters without compromising safety. Food kiosks, found in high-traffic areas, benefit from prefab steel structures, providing durability, rapid construction, and well-equipped facilities.

The need for versatile and efficient structures continues in the business landscape of the Philippines. Many companies are on the lookout for smart solutions that cater to their spatial needs without the hassles of extensive construction timelines. Enter prefab steel structures, a game-changer offering a quick and effective alternative. These structures aren’t just limited to warehouses; they’ve diversified, providing businesses with a range of smaller, more tailored options.

This article takes a closer look at the different types of this modular structure, highlighting their versatility in meeting the unique demands of different businesses.


Warehouses are indispensable for Filipino businesses, functioning as storage hubs essential for streamlined supply chain management. When these structures are prefabricated, they are crafted offsite with precision-engineered steel in controlled environments, promising swift assembly at the final location.

Indigo Prefab House stands out in delivering rapid and reliable solutions, boasting modular designs that facilitate seamless expansion and customization to meet specific business needs. We distribute structures that are made from EPS sandwich and Rockwool sandwich panels, ensuring not only ample storage space but also resilience against seismic activities and formidable winds.

Dormitories and Barracks

Dormitories and Barracks

With the many construction projects on the rise in not only Metro Manila but also regions around the Philippines, it’s essential for its workers to have places to stay. That’s where modular dormitories come in.

This is a versatile, prefabricated living space designed for various accommodation needs. Constructed using modular components offsite, it can be swiftly assembled on location, reducing construction timelines significantly. These dormitories often feature steel structures like old shipping containers or sandwich panels for enhanced insulation.

This offers a balance between speed, cost-efficiency, and adaptability, making it an ideal solution for providing comfortable and functional living spaces. This can be used for a variety of settings including educational institutions, workforce housing, and temporary accommodations.

Guard House

These structures are critical security checkpoints that control access to premises and enhance surveillance. With people assigned to these posts, they can deter unauthorized entry and ensure systematic monitoring of individuals and vehicles who enter and leave the premises. All of this contributes to the overall safety and security of a facility.

Compared to traditionally built guardhouses, a prefabricated module is made faster. These are often needed in great numbers, so using a modular structure can also be more cost-effective in the long run. Assembled off-site, they arrive ready for quick installation, providing a cutting-edge solution for contemporary security needs with an emphasis on rapid deployment, cost-efficiency, and enhanced functionality.

At Indigo Prefab House, we make sure that these are built to last. The floor bases of our prefabricated guard houses consist of sturdy steel tubes and columns. On the other hand, its roofs and walls feature 50mm sandwich-insulated panels for added insulation.

Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

Emergency shelters, essential during disasters, prioritize immediate protection for displaced individuals. Crucial in humanitarian efforts, they offer a secure haven until more permanent solutions arise.

Prefabricated structures enhance these shelters, ensuring rapid deployment. Their mass production in controlled environments significantly reduces construction time, crucial in time-sensitive emergencies. These prioritize efficiency without compromising safety or durability, addressing the urgent need for shelter in a swift and reliable manner during challenging circumstances.

Food Kiosk

Food kiosks, small standalone structures found in high-traffic areas like malls and parks, are designed for convenient food and beverage sales. Prefab steel structures suit them perfectly, providing durability and rapid construction. Steel ensures a sturdy framework, while prefab construction meets the fast-paced demands of food service.

When acquired from us here The kiosk, featuring a drain, non-slip metal flooring, and electrical accessories, offers added convenience with a water cycle system, including a 12V micro water pump, sinks with hot and cold water taps, freshwater and wastewater tanks, and an on/off control switch. This makes prefab steel food kiosks efficient, durable, and well-equipped for various cuisines.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to considering these prefab steel structures, you can trust us here at Indigo Prefab House. We are a trusted distributor of modular structures including warehouses, dormitories, and mobile office containers. With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, we offer cost-effective solutions and reliable construction expertise.

Contact us today for a quote on any of our structures.

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