Indigo’s Refrigerated Van Containers are a sustainable and versatile solution, repurposing old refrigerated vans into modular container units. These 2.4m x 2.74m x 5.9m vans feature robust wall panels with 100mm PU insulation and a roof panel combining 50mm Rock Wool and 50mm PU sandwich panels for excellent insulation. This eco-friendly approach reuses old vans, providing flexible and sustainable storage or workspace options, reducing waste, and promoting environmental sustainability.

  1. Pop-Up Retail: These converted vans are perfect for pop-up retail spaces, allowing businesses to easily transport and set up temporary shops, helping them reach new customers in different locations.
  2. Mobile Workspaces: The modular nature of these vans makes them excellent choices for creating mobile offices or workshops, providing flexibility and mobility for professionals working in different environments.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Indigo’s Refrigerated Van containers offers a budget-friendly solution by repurposing existing vans for diverse storage and transport needs.
  • Customizable: These conversions provide a flexible interior design, making them suitable for various businesses. 
  • Rapid Deployment: Refrigerated van containers are a quick way to expand storage capacity as business needs change.

We offer fabrication and installation services tailored to your specific requirements and project needs.

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