Our multi-story prefab houses feature a robust pre-coated steel structure and 50mm thick color-coated steel PU sandwich boards for exceptional heat insulation and environmental comfort. These wall panels are interchangeable, allowing doors and windows to be placed at any perimeter position.

  • Interchangeable Wall Boards: Allowing for flexible placement of doors and windows.
  • Roof Plate: Double-sided color-coated steel plate with 20mm EPS FOAM insulation.
  • Wall Panels: 50mm thick color-coated steel sandwich plates with XPS insulation.
  • Doors: Same as wall panels.
  • Windows: Aluminum alloy framed windows with various dimensions available.
  • Steel Structure: Comprising corner and frame columns, connected to a square shape steel ground beam for added structural strength.

  1. Mobile Office Spaces: These structures are also suitable for mobile office setups. They can be equipped with all the necessary facilities for a fully functional office, making them ideal for construction sites, disaster relief operations, or remote work projects.
  2. Temporary Housing for Disaster Relief: In the wake of natural disasters, multi-story prefab houses serve as temporary shelters for displaced individuals and families. Their quick assembly and adaptability make them a valuable resource for providing emergency housing in disaster-stricken areas.
  3. Dormitory Accommodations: Multi-story prefab houses serve as versatile dormitory accommodations. They provide comfortable living spaces with privacy and security. The modular design allows for rapid deployment and convenient expansion to meet various needs.

  1. Lightweight and Easy Installation: Indigo’s multi-story prefab house is designed to be lightweight and easy to install, reducing construction time and costs.
  2. High Operational Reliability: This structure offers exceptional operational reliability, ensuring long-lasting use.
  3. Earthquake and Impact Resistance: Our prefab house is built to withstand earthquakes and impacts, enhancing safety.
  4. High Degree of Industrialization: We provide a highly industrialized solution for efficient and consistent quality.

We offer fabrication and installation services tailored to your specific requirements and project needs.

Material Standards: We adhere to the Q235 and Q345 material standards to ensure quality and durability.

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