Indigo Prefab House's wooden villa, prefabricated home for sale in the Philippines

We offer a wooden log house made from Russian Wood Pine, treated to be termite-free. This package includes windows, doors, glass, locks, base timber, full house structure, roofing, and flooring. While it doesn’t come with paint and roof tiles, it provides the core components for a cozy rustic home, waiting for your personal style.

prefab wooden log house for sale in the Philippines

  1. Cozy Retreat: These wooden log houses make perfect mountain or countryside retreats. Enjoy the serenity of nature and the warmth of a classic log cabin.
  2. Vacation Rentals: Transform your property into a charming vacation rental. Guests will relish the unique experience of staying in a wooden log house.
  3. Garden Guest House: These structures can serve as a picturesque guesthouse in your garden, adding extra space for visitors without compromising on style.

an example of a prefab wooden log house

  • Natural Insulation: The Russian Wood Pine is an excellent insulator, keeping the interior of your log house comfortable in all seasons, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.
  • Termite-Free: These houses are chemically treated to be termite-resistant, ensuring long-term durability without the threat of termite damage.
  • Quick Setup: With windows, doors, glass, locks, base timber, complete house structure, roofing, and flooring included, the setup process is expedited, offering you a swift and convenient path to your dream wooden log house.

prefab wooden villa for sale in the Philippines

We offer fabrication and installation services tailored to your specific requirements and project needs.

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