The poultry house is designed to accommodate approximately 18 broilers per square meter, ensuring optimal space utilization. Our production lead time for this structure is 30 days, ensuring timely delivery to meet your farming requirements.

We also offer supplementary accessories such as automatic feeders, blowers, and other essential items, providing a comprehensive solution for your poultry farming needs for poultry farmers.

  1. Broiler Farming
  2. Poultry Production
  3. Livestock Farming Facility

  • Efficient Space Utilization: The design accommodates an average of 18 broilers per square meter, maximizing space usage for optimal poultry production.
  • Customizable Accessories: Additional accessories such as automatic feeders, blowers, and other equipment can be supplied, allowing for customization to meet specific poultry farming needs.
  • Timely Production: With a production lead time of 30 days, this poultry house offers a relatively quick turnaround, ensuring timely delivery to support your farming operations.

We offer fabrication and installation services tailored to your specific requirements and project needs.

Material Standards: We adhere to the Q235 and Q345 material standards to ensure quality and durability.

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